Artists at annual Emmy Awards Celebration share keys to success.

Before the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards were handed out Sept. 8 and 9, nominated make-up artists and hairstylists had a chance to unwind and catch up with fellow artisans at the third-annual Make-Up Artist magazine Emmy Awards Celebration. Taking place at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles on Sept. 7, the event drew the largest crowd ever with more than 200 people in attendance.

Sponsored by Make-up Designory, Ardell, Nigel Beauty Emporium, Bioderma and M•Y•O Cosmetic Cases Inc., the Pro-Card event honored nominees in the make-up and hairstyling categories for this year’s Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Attendees received the red carpet treatment, along with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the Roosevelt’s Oscar Room and the Spare Room.

<em>Make-Up Artist<em/> magazine's Michael Key with other event sponsors
Make-Up Artist magazine’s Michael Key (middle) with other event sponsors

Make-up Designory’s Director of Education, Paul Thompson, said, “All of us here at MUD are proud to be a part of the make-up industry as a whole and are honored to support the exemplary work of our graduates, faculty and of the other make-up professionals that make up this year’s list of nominees.”

Make-Up Artist magazine’s Emmy Awards Celebration was a magical evening acknowledging and honoring all make-up and hair artist nominees,” said first-time sponsor Suzanne Carter, founder of M•Y•O Cosmetic Cases Inc. “We met the most incredible people/creative talents and are extremely grateful for the invitation to sponsor this event in support of congratulating all nominees.”

Throughout the night, young artists and seasoned professionals shared stories of experiences, work-arounds and collaborating.

From left: Sean Wells, Daniela Zivkovic, Louis Zakarian, Jason Milani, Steve Kelley and Amy Tagliamonti
From left: Sean Wells, Daniela Zivkovic, Louie Zakarian, Jason Milani, Steve Kelley and Amy Tagliamonti

Saturday Night Live is the only show of its kind,” said make-up department head Louie Zakarian, whose team won the Emmy this year for outstanding Makeup for a Multi-Camera Series or Special. “It’s live, what you see is what you get … changes at a moment’s notice. Most of our artists working the show have to be adaptable. … We have such a great team between the make-up artists, the hairstylists, the wardrobe department. All three departments. There are times we’re helping people pull on their pants [laughed] … Everybody’s helping each other out.”

Debbi Zoller, Levi Vieira and Colin Sharp
Debbi Zoller, Levi Vieira and Colin Sharp

When asked what an artist needs to know to hone his or her skills, nine-time Emmy nominee Debbie Zoller (Twin Peaks) said, “I think they just need to be well-rounded and know a little bit about everything. They should know how to apply a prosthetic and they should know how to do facial hair. And they should know how to do a beauty make-up. Maybe period beauty make-up. Just trying to be well-rounded makes you more marketable and an asset to any trailer.”

And what would Zoller use in a pinch to create a look if her make-up kit got lost?

“Probably cherries. And probably some kind of powder like baking soda or some kind of talcum powder or something. What would be my third? Probably yellow Snack Pack pudding. For reflection [laughed].”

You learn something new each time at a Make-Up Artist magazine event! See the who’s who below in the gallery. To make sure you don’t miss the next gathering, apply today for a Make-Up Artist magazine Pro Card.