Body painting has gained more and more traction in the make-up world over the years. It is visually stunning, creatively impressive and can be technically dramatic. The World Bodypainting Festival celebrates this modern body-painting movement each year and has been doing so since 1998. This colorful event takes place in Carinthia, South of Austria.

The festival was held on the last weekend in July this year. Awe-inspiring events were sprinkled throughout the weekend. A particularly special attraction is the world’ best UV Bodypainter competition, in which the main stage comes to life with luminous dancing figures. WBF is filled with international musicians, an eclectic array of cuisines and high-quality art. The festival lasts three days, and around midnight on the third day champions are announced and celebrated in a spectacular awards ceremony. With all this going on, it’s no wonder “Bodypaint City” has grown into the largest celebration of its kind in Austria.

This year, the World Bodypainting Festival brought over 300 artist teams together with approximately 1,500 participants from 54 nations to compete in various categories. In total, 13 champions were named—representing a variety of categories. Here is the list of WBF World Champions:

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World Champion Bodypainting Award 2017:

Brush/sponge bodypainting sponsored by Kryolan Professional Make-up

1st-place body painting by Sanatan Dinda
1st-place body painting by Sanatan Dinda
  1. Sanatan Dinda / India
  2. Marzia Bedeschi / Italy
  3. Cheryl Ann Lipstreu / USA
1st-place body painting by Yulia Vlasova and Olga Sokolova

Bodypainting Team Award sponsored by Make Up For Ever

  1. Yulia Vlasova and Olga Sokolova / Russia
  2. Irina Shmeleva and Olga Popova / Russia
  3. Tiziana La Monica and Silvia Vitali / Italy

Special Effects Make-up Award sponsored by KauPo & WB Academy

1st-place body painting by Olga Popova
  1. Olga Popova / Russia
  2. Andrea Benocci / Italy
  3. Houyam Hajlaoui / Belgium

UV Effects sponsored by Kryolan Professional Make-up

2nd-place body painting by Claudia Kraemer and Gert Leeftink
  1. Andra Budaie / Romania
  2. Claudia Kraemer and Gert Leeftink / Germany, Netherlands
  3. Tatiana Velichkina / Russia

Facepainting sponsored by Snazaroo

1st-place body painting by Marilena Censi
  1. Marilena Censi / Italy
  2. Pauline Meola / France
  3. Arianna Barlini / Italy

Special effects bodypainting sponsored by Kryolan Professional Make-up

Ist-place body painting by Ludwig Decarli
  1. Ludwig Decarli / Austria
  2. Olga Popova / Russia
  3. Benedetta Carugati / Italy

 Airbrush bodypainting sponsored by Kryolan Professional Make-up

1st place body painting by Benoit Bottola
  1. Benoit Bottola / Guadeloupe
  2. Alexander Hansen / Brazil
  3. Leonardo Giacomo Borgese / Italy

Creative Make-up Award sponsored by MAC Pro

1st-place body painting by Alesya Plastinkina
  1. Alesya Plastinkina / Russia
  2. Veronika Dziuba / Ukraine
  3. Andrea Kepiro / Hungary

WBF Make-up Battle sponsored by NYX Cosmetics Austria

Veronika Dziuba

Purple Brush Make-up Award sponsored by Matilda Academy

1st-place body painting by Kseniia Marechek
  1. Kseniia Marechek / Kyrgyzstan
  2. Veronika Dziuba / Ukraine
  3. Irina Vasina / Russia

 Brush/sponge sponsored by Make Up For Ever 

1st-place body painting by Elisabeth Mader
  1. Elisabeth Mader / Austria
  2. Sanga Park / South Korea
  3. Yana Lysiuk / Belarus

Amateur Award: open category sponsored by Make Up For Ever

1st-place body painting by Gesine Marwedel
  1. Gesine Marwedel / Germany
  2. Kyla Morgan / Australia
  3. Felipe Nauzet Afonso / Spain

WBF Installation Art Award sponsored by Kryolan Professional Make-up

Evelyn Huki and Santi Hitorangi / Easter Island, Rapa Nui