We love being inspired! Don’t you? Recently Make-Up Artist magazine crossed paths with an award-winning make-up artist that pushes the boundaries of creativity. Samantha Klein is innovative and has carved out an impressive career. Read on to learn about her most recent project, what inspired her and uncover techniques she uses to help others feel beautiful in their skin.

Make-Up Artist: What inspired this particular project?

Samantha Klein: Growing up (before Google existed), I spent a lot of my down time reading about make-up tips and flipping through magazines. I was always drawn to the striking make-up looks in the beauty ads and editorials, so I wanted to channel that.

MUA: Was there something particular that you wanted to convey? A feeling, a tone, a thought?

Klein: This was all about living in the moment. Being a freelancer there is so much business hustle involved, so I wanted to turn off the to-do list, create and have fun. This shoot represents every reason why I fell in love with the art of make-up.

MUA: What was the most challenging part of this make-up?

Klein: Finding an all over balance using unusual eye shadow combinations, winged eye liner and a glossy-eye texture. There’s a lot going on.

MUA: Did this turn out the way you envisioned? Or did it evolve organically?

Klein: Going into this shoot there was no specific plan, but I knew I wanted something vibrant and unpredictable. Basically, it came to life when I saw the model in person, put a brush to her face, added color and texture. That’s the beauty in creating, it just happens.

MUA: What are the methods you used when applying this make-up? Techniques?

Klein: I tend to pay attention to every detail; every element of the make-up has a reason. How much, how little, what color, texture, product? I used a silicone flathead brush to apply the gloss effect to the eye in a very light, pressing motion. I didn’t want to disturb the eye shadow or liner underneath.

MUA: What is the most innovative part of this make-up? Or most creative for you? Any point where you pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone?

Klein: The most innovative part of this make-up was that the photographer gave me free reign to go make-up wild, which is a blessing and a curse. As the artist in this situation, you have complete creative freedom to do what you want, but then pressure kicks in that you have one shot. Don’t mess it up by going too bonkers. I call that creative restrain.

MUA: Tell me about the products you used and why. 

Klein: I’ve used all sorts of products to create a glossy-eye effect, but really loved using M.A.C.’s Lip Glass on this. It’s crystal clear, super goopy and it sticks where you want it to go. Also, when the model blinked her eyes throughout the shoot, it held up pretty well and didn’t break up the colors underneath. That’s a huge plus!

Klein took a giant leap a year and a half ago when she pulled the plug on her booming career in Philladelphia to challenge herself in the more competitive market in Los Angeles. But her courageous leap is paying off. “I’ve checked many goals off of my bucket list,” says Klein. “Red carpet make-up for the Oscars and Emmys, keying a TV show, finding new agency representation and more.”

Currently, Klein is working on a variety of projects for mostly TV, commercials, print, red carpet and the like, many with high profile celebrities and musicians. Some of her most recent jobs include working with Sony for a Ghostbusters spot with Dan Aykroyd, ESPN commercials with Laker Lonzo Ball, Universal Music Group and Apple Music (Joe Elliot, Phil Collen of Def Leppard and Henry Rollins)—as well as Fearless Records working with bands such as Underoath and the Plain White T’s on their music videos and album covers.

To learn more about Klein and see more of her work visit her website here.