Must-Have Products

Justin Raleigh:

“Here are my top-five items for Westworld season two,” says Raleigh.

  • Custom-made Fractured FX covered brush holder that can attach to a belt, bag or shoulder strap. Keeps brushes and tools clean and easy to access.
  • Custom-made European Body Art’s Westworld palette: Color Choice by Kevin Kirkpatrick as a gift for our core team. Great colors. Westworld EBA palette
  • Iwata HP-TH. This is my work horse. It can do large areas, clean sharp lines and any range of spatter. It is my team’s go-to airbrush.
  • Smooth-On Skin Tite: Amazing for gluing on large heavy appliances quickly (edges still glued with Telesis) and fantastic for doing fabrication with Baldiez sheets for burns and decomposition effects.
  • Maekup Dark Clotted Blood: This stuff was a lifesaver on most of our gore appliances to give that heavy chunky wet look. We actually tinted ours even darker in a lot of cases.

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