Team develops personal assistant app for make-up artists

TinyPA screenshot
TinyPA screenshot

It began in the summer of 2014 when Ashley Kay Gifford’s computer crashed. For an extremely busy make-up artist, who keeps all her client information organized on her laptop, this was a complete disaster. Her business was instantly thrown into chaos. It was clear to Gifford that she was going to need a more reliable system. And thus, the seed was planted for the development of TinyPA.

Then the universe began to align. Gifford’s husband, Dom, just so happens to be a software engineer, and her friend, Chris Thorne, a product manager. The three came together to not only develop a system that could better serve Ashley and her business, but that would help make-up artists worldwide.

TinyPA is exactly as the name implies: a tiny personal assistant. More specifically, it is an app that is easy to use and designed for the unique and on-the-go lifestyle of a busy make-up artist. The development included a year and a half of interviewing make-up artists and testing ideas in the community. The team launched the app in January 2017.

The app is aimed at helping make-up artists save time on tedious administration work, allowing them the ease and convenience of managing their business while on the go. TinyPA enables make-up artists to: book clients, track bookings and client information, keep make-up notes and generate and track invoices.

The team is constantly looking for ways to improve the app, and regularly seek feedback from the community. They have even partnered with make-up artist schools and allowed the students extended free access to TinyPA in exchange for their evaluation. Improvements to the app are constant, with an Android version and picture uploading capability available this spring.

Other features Gifford would like to include are: electronic signing, the ability to manage and coordinate a team and an “emergency button.”  When illness or disaster strikes, the “e” button would allow other make-up artists to be called on from the community of users.

“Right now we’re just trying to ensure that the app is as usable as possible by as many make-up artists as possible,” says Thorne. “As our user base grows, so too does the potential. Ultimately, it is our aim to be the most widely used and loved app in the make-up artistry industry.”

The team also launched a new website to capture all the great information and advice they were getting from make-up artists about TinyPA and working in the business. Visit their website here or learn more about TinyPA here.

Ashley Kay Gifford at work