Roque Cozzette threw down some serious make-up knowledge at Make-Up Artist magazine’s Artistry Unlocked event on Wednesday, Aug. 8! We couldn’t have hoped for a more positive make-up artist for this gathering at Portland’s Shout House.

As the night unfolded, it wasn’t without a few surprises. Whether having to scramble last minute for a new model or deal with a rather warm environment on a particularly hot summer eve in Bridge City, Cozzette’s dynamic seminar turned each moment into an opportunity.

The overarching topic was: where make-up meets self-awareness. Using the unified opinion of the above average temperature in the room, he tuned the audience in to how simply being aware of how you feel is a good starting point to changing your outlook.

Cozzette demonstrated advanced make-up application, color theory and light techniques that enhance, shape and help perfect skin. As a photographer and make-up artist, Cozzette illustrated, with a live photoshoot, how to take the steps to create your dream portfolio through self-empowerment and technology in the digital age.

Attendees, which mainly consisted of working make-up artists, got to learn about Cozzette’s unique journey as a make-up artist and how he changed his mindset in order to achieve his goals.

He admits that in the beginning of his career he accepted any job he could, but ultimately that didn’t make him happy. As he progressed, he began to choose only the jobs that would make him happy and discussed the importance of valuing yourself and your time. The insightful seminar was full of great advice that could be applied to any career.

It is clear that Cozzette has an expressive, mindful passion for the industry and it was exciting to see him in action, sharing this with other industry professionals.

He was all knowledge during his talk and demonstrated how certain products could be used to add layers and dimension. An added bonus was that those products could be purchased following the demonstration at a significant discount.

To wrap things up, Cozzette led a Q&A, which also made the night engaging and interactive. We could watch Cozzette do make-ups all day long—while listening to how he folds awareness and connection into his work.

Thanks for a great event Roque and everyone who was in attendance! See you next time.

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