Val Garland working
Photo courtesy of the Val Garland School of Make-Up Val Garland at work

Fashion make-up veteran Val Garland is opening a school, but don’t book your plane tickets just yet.

Garland—whose work spans international magazine covers to make-up company campaigns—is working with online fashion school Mastered to launch a three-month online make-up course for established and emerging artists. (Mastered was created in 2014 as an educational service for creatives working in the fashion industry.)

Garland designed and will be leading the course, which begins May 15 and runs through Aug. 15. Potential students must undergo an application process in which they share their portfolios and fill out a form detailing their experience and ambitions. The second round of applications will be reviewed March 25 and 1000 artists will be accepted into the course. More applications will be accepted through April.

Each week, the course will offer new videos of Garland on the job, responding to creative briefs, working with journalists backstage and managing a team. Students will work on projects—some of them existing, some created exclusively for the course by editors, brands and designers—designed to stretch their creativity, expand their industry knowledge and augment their portfolios. Garland will host live question-and-answer sessions; she and her team, along with selected agents, journalists and brands, will review student work.

Students will be able to keep course materials and will automatically join the Mastered alumni program. Perri Lewis, a founding member of Mastered, said that program helps students to stay connected to their new professional network.

“We’ll also connect make-up students to students in other courses, meaning they extend their new network well beyond those who work in the same field as them. That’s a really exciting part for me and I’m looking forward to the collaborations that will happen when make-up artists meet stylists and photographers and more,” she said.

Garland’s motivation in creating the course was helping the next generation of make-up artists succeed in the fashion industry, Lewis said: “Val talks about giving emerging artists the opportunities and the education that she never had. She had to navigate her way without any help and she’s excited to pass on her knowledge to make it easier for emerging talent to succeed.

“She understands that being a successful make-up artist isn’t just about being able to create a beautiful face, so she wants to help others understand that to make it they need to be able to respond to briefs, work effectively on set and at shows, manage relationships with clients and collaborators and much, much more.”

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