Who says blogging isn’t glamorous?

NYX Cosmetics believes it is. And the company made its case Aug. 22 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, crowning the 2014 Beauty Vlogger of the Year at its third-annual FACE Awards.

Six finalists—chosen from more than 2,000 entrants—took the stage and faced an audience that extended beyond the packed nightclub into cyberspace via a live stream. At stake was a prize package that included a year’s supply of NYX Cosmetics, a contract with Maker Studios, consultations with pro make-up artists and $25,000.

2014 NYX FACE Awards finalists
2014 NYX FACE Awards finalists

Judges included celebrity make-up artist Beau Nelson, Teen Vogue’s Beauty and Health Director Elaine Welteroth, Target’s Beauty Concierge Kaisha Vega and YouTube personality Promise Tamang Phan. Audience members could also weigh in at nyxfaceawards.com. E! correspondent Catt Sadler kept things lively as the evening’s host. Her co-hosts—fashion satirist P’Trique and sultry DJ Amy Pham—provided the playful banter.But the real stars were the six finalists, who ranged in age from 15 to 23 years.

2014 NYX FACE Awards judges PromisePhan, Beau Nelson, Elaine Welteroth, Kaisha Vega

“I’m just so struck by how collaborative and supportive they all are of each other,” said NYX CEO Scott Friedman. “So many talked about giving back to their fans.  What I’ve seen recently are more and more beauty vloggers who have a smaller number of followers, but they resonate. I love to see the smaller vloggers.”“We’re so proud of the six contestants and how hard they worked,” adds Amy Snyder Hackbart, NYX’s vice president of marketing. “They’re a wonderful representation of the YouTube vlogger. Just amazing artistry … so much passion for make-up, color and transformation.”“Transformation” was the night’s theme. One-by-one, the six took the stage to present a video expressing this idea through make-up.

Fifteen-year-old Kennedy Knight, whose YouTube channel FabulousInMaking has more than 81,000 subscribers, turned herself into an alien. Sixteen-year-old Adelaine Morin, aka C0OK1EMONSTER, became the Cheshire Cat. Seventeen-year-old Erin Timony, whose channel FreshBlush boasts 171 videos, used make-up to journey into old age and death, before being reborn as a flower. Ashley Marie, the 22-year-old whose channel MakeupbyAmarie tops 121,000 subscribers, used her make-up skills to transform into an ice princess. Alex Rivera, the first male vlogger to become a finalist, went more macabre. The 23-year-old creator of the Alex Faction channel went for an eerie black-faced creature he called the Dark Prince. The other 23-year-old finalist, Bailey Van Der Veen, who is studying at the Blanche Macdonald Centre Global Make-up Program, jolted the audience with a surreal, unearthly look that was on-screen for only a few seconds. The creator of baileybeautyxo told the judges she wanted to leave them wanting more.

As the dance troupe Academy of Villains performed, votes were tallied. And then the moment of truth arrived.

Five finalists were presented trophies honoring their efforts in subcategories. Marie received the Innovation Award; Knight, the Iluminative Award. Van Der Veen won the Technique Award; Rivera, the Kinetic Award. Timony received the Composition Award. (continued below)

2014 NYX FACE Awards: P'Trique, Adelaine Morin and Amy Pham
P’Trique, Adelaine Morin and Amy Pham

And that left Morin. Hugging a Cheshire Cat stuffed animal, the Toronto teen, with more than 422,000 subscribers, burst into tears as she was named the FACE Awards 2014 Beauty Vlogger of the Year.“My first thought was confusion,” said Morin. “Last year there were two people left [before the winner was announced]. I was standing there and thought, ‘Oh wait,’ and then they said my name and the crowd started cheering and I started crying. I wish I could have run around the stage, I had so much energy.”Other than planning to donate some of her prize winnings to ovarian cancer research (in honor of her grandmother) and save the rest for college, Morin wasn’t sure what the future holds. She was too busy enjoying the moment.

“Honestly, this is just a lot of fun,” said Morin. “It’s such a great experience and I recommend everyone give it a try. You have nothing to lose. All you have is to gain.”

Watch the video below for the complete 2014 NYX FACE Awards.