Doug Jones as La Gueule
All photos courtesy of DDT Efectos Especiales and Music Box Films Doug Jones as La Gueule


2011 Winter Movies: Bonus images from 'The Skin I Live In'Click this link for bonus images from The Skin I Live In, featuring work by DDT Efectos Especiales and Kazuhiro Tsuji. 
Actor Eric Elmosnino took on the daunting task of playing the famous French singer Serge Gainsbourg in the recent biopic Gainsbourg: Vie héroïque (A Heroic Life). Luckily, he got lots of help transitioning into the character from the Spanish make-up shop DDT Efectos Especiales, which created several facial pieces and effects to age the character from his thirties to his sixties, and to reflect his hard-living habits. DDT also crafted age make-up for Gainsbourg’s parents and an oversized facial piece for his alter-ego, La Gueule, with help from a mechanical apparatus designed by Chris Clark. Make-Up Artist magazine’s Issue 93 covers the story in depth, but we couldn’t resist sharing some of the extra exclusive photos that DDT sent to us. Enjoy!

Starting from top left:

  • Actor Doug Jones holds La Gueule apparatus;
  • La Gueule;
  • Montse Ribé of DDT Efectos Especiales inspects La Gueule’s hand;
  • Jones and Ribé;
  • Actor Eric Elmosnino in cabbage make-up. The cabbage-head make-up creates a transition between the young and old Gainsbourg looks and represents the many layers of the pop icon;
  • Elmosnino in one stage of cabbage make-up;
  • Ribé and Elmosnino;
  • Actress Dinara Drukarova in final age make-up as Gainsbourg’s mother, Olga;
  • Drukarova in two stages of age make-up;
  • Actor Razvan Vasilescu undergoing old-age make-up to play Gainsbourg’s father, Joseph;
  • Vasilescu in final age make-up;
  • Elmosnino in age make-up as Serge Gainsbourg;
  • Elmosnino undergoing age make-up;
  • Elmosnino and David Martí of DDT Efectos Especiales;
  • Elmosnino undergoing age make-up;
  • Ribé and Elmosnino;
  • Jones in La Gueule gear;
  • Jones as a burned La Gueule. In this fantasy sequence, La Gueule sets himself on fire and plays the guitar in an effort to encourage Gainsbourg to make a choice;
  • Ribé, Jones and Martí.