The Austrian town of Pörtschach came alive this year at the 2012 World Bodypainting Festival. From July 2-8, 2012, participants from 42 nations gathered in the town, located on Lake Wörthersee, to showcase their skills and entertain a crowd of thousands. Sponsored by Kryolan, Snazaroo, Superstar, Skinpainter Magazin and others, the World Bodypainting Festival included a night contest for UV make-up effects; more than 40 different workshops, demos and lectures; a large exhibition area and market; the return of Bodypaint City TV and WBF Fashion Park; and the Body Art Fashion Show.

The main highlights, of course, were the competitions and awards. Below are the top three winners in each competition category. Following the images is a review video produced by the World Bodypainting Festival, which make-up artist Scott Fray called “the Olympics of body painting.”

World Award: Brush/Sponge
1.    Johannes Stötter, Italy
2.    Einat Dan, Israel (BELOW LEFT, IN TABLE)
3.    Min Ah Kim, South Korea

World Award: Airbrush
1.    Elisabeth Presslauer, Austria
2.    Flavio Bosco, Italy (BELOW RIGHT, IN TABLE)
3.    Melanie Hill, Germany

Einat Dan

Flavio Bosco
Scott Fray

World Award: Special Effects Bodypainting
1.    Scott Fray, United States (BELOW LEFT)
2.    Birgit Mörtl, Austria
3.    Yulia Vlasova, Russia

World Award: UV Effects
1.    Kristina Elizarova, Russia
2.    Magdalena O’Connor, New Zealand
3.    Wolf Reicherter, Germany

World Award: Facepainting
1.    Nadja Hluchovsky, Austria (BELOW LEFT, IN TABLE)
2.    Evelina Iacubino, Germany
3.    Lone Wolf Kirkegaard, Denmark

Special Effects Make Up Award
1.    Yulia Vlasova, Russia (BELOW RIGHT, IN TABLE)
2.    Julian Bartram, New Zealand
3.    Vladimir Cara, Romania

Amateur Award: Brush/Sponge
1.    Qin Huo, France
2.    Eva Molnar, Hungary
3.    Marie Fontaine, Belgium

Amateur Award: Airbrush
1.    Iwona Marciniak, Poland
2.    Michael Joos, Germany
3.    Betty Stiernon, Belgium

WBF Show Award
Make-up artist: Tatiana Velitschkina, Russia
Models: Ekaterina Vasilyeva and Nikolaj Ugolnikov

The 2013 World Bodypainting Festival will return to Pörtschach July 1-7. Visit for more details.

Nadja Hluchovsky
3_PLATZ_Yulia Vlasova